Feedback Mechanism


Our college has implemented a well-structured feedback mechanism, whereby we collect the feedback from students, employers, alumni and teachers. This helps the college to improve the performance and strengthen the quality of education. College provides the necessary arrangements for feedback responses from all the stakeholders. The ultimate aim of stakeholders’ feedback is to get valuable insights. For the purpose of improvement in all aspects related to teaching, learning and infrastructure.
Feedback Mechanism:
For implementing feedback system our college has decided to follow the following Feedback Mechanism:
1. To take feedback from four stakeholders’ students, teachers, employers, alumni.
2. To prepare feedback forms in hardcopy format for offline and in google forms for online mode.
3. To distribute the feedback forms or to share google form links to the students of various departments of the three disciplines Arts, Commerce and Science.
4. To collect the feedback forms from the stakeholders through their respective departments.
5. To analyse the feedback form by using graphs, pie-charts, histograms, etc.
6. To prepare the conclusions separately as per stakeholder- students, teachers, employers and alumni.
7. To discuss the analysis and conclusion with the College Development Committee/ Steering Committee and to decide the course of action.
8. To take actual action as per the decision given by the College Development Committee/ Steering Committee.
9. To prepare Action Taken Report
10. To display feedback Analysis and Action Taken Report on the College website.